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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harmony in Winter

by Tom Pappas

My town of Lincoln Nebraska had the fourth biggest snow in a 24 hour period in its history last Friday night and Saturday.  It was a beauty.  While it measured 11.1 inches it had to weigh 11 pounds per inch.  Literally a wet blanket.  Lots of sagging tree branches.  Lots of broken limbs.  Lots of people without electricity.  The city workers did a magnificent job digging us out.

I had just brought my snow blower back from being serviced and I was ready. Thankfully my neighbor did our long driveway with his tractor because frankly, I’m getting old.

Less than a week before this storm a local nursery notified its email list that our dry winter was stressing the evergreens and it was advisable to get out hoses and sprinklers or expect damage to, or possibly loss of these trees. I consider it a royal pain to put away hoses when it’s warm and they’re flexible, but since we have lots of spruce and pines I got out there and watered a whole day.

One of my deep held beliefs is that we live here on this glorious planet because of God’s goodness and grace. It’s a gift and a wonderful puzzle to piece together the clues about how to be in harmony with God’s good creation.

I like it that we can cool and dehumidify our homes in the summer and keep ourselves warm in the winter.  I don’t like it that bedbugs are making an impact on dorm life at our University.  But it all is part of the package which is this puzzle of life.  It’s fun and it’s scary at times.  My neighbors and I live under massive trees that could have collapsed on our homes under the weight of the recent snow.  The same trees I love and enjoy are threats to my safety and economic well-being.  

God continues to be beyond my comprehension. As was explained to Lucy about Aslan. [my paraphrase] “He’s a lion, of course he’s not safe, but he’s good.”

BTW: This site was emailed to me in real time as I was writing this blog:

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