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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gratitude, Recession and Fold Down Trays

Why would anyone feel grateful while sitting on a crowded plane, balancing a cup of coffee on a sagging fold down tray? Read on...

The airwaves and blogosphere are crowded with stories of people who have lost their jobs in this brutal economy. This is important— recessions impact real people, and it is essential that we hear the stories.

It is important to hear good news as well. In that spirit, here is an email excerpt from a friend who is recently back to work:

"After a long period of chasing work (which is a job in and of itself), I am back in meetings. I am back to waiting for others to do their part so that I can start, continue and/or finish my part. I am back to sitting in meetings where others discuss topics that are not directly relevant to what I am doing, but are interconnected with my tasks. I am back to getting on airplanes, figuring out how to spend my time in the air. I am trying to drink hot coffee and work on my computer during a bumpy ride - everything balanced on the little white fold-down tray that sags to the left a little (I keep thinking that if I can build enough miles, I may someday be able to sit toward the front of the plane). All of those things have been tiresome in the past. They likely will be tiresome again some day . . . but not right now. It's nice to have challenges again that have an invoice and a pay check connected with them."

It is easier to feel gratitude when something of value has been returned; harder to be grateful when you never lost it. Perhaps those of us who have not lost our jobs might join my friend in his gratitude today.

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