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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why Can't We Make Enough Room?

by Tom Pappas

[Ed. Note: The Americans with Disabilities Act is celebrating 23 years.  It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, transportation, State and local government services, and telecommunications.]
Honoring two good men and praying to bring down the mini bureaucracy.

Bonnie has MS and Rich, her husband, has been here caregiver for longer than the decade that I have known them. I have been in their home and photos indicate an earlier active life outside the chair that she now manipulates with slight movements of her head.

MaryAnn and John met in college and her polio did not dissuade their courtship or long happy marriage.

I am inspired every Sunday as I observe the dedication with which Rich and John attend their partners. Their devotion seems like a lot in the sanctuary, but what about the traveling, and the preparation at home? These men are a credit to all Christian men and to their marriage vows. Everyone with a “man-card” would be well served to do Rich or John’s day just one time.

Both couples sit near us in worship – front left. We don’t own the pew but do we think of them as “our seats”. During the sanctuary remodel, two pews near the door to the elevator were shortened to accommodate a wheelchair and not crowd the aisle. Guess what? When both couples are there, it’s not enough space. You should see it when there’s a baptism and those front pews are reserved for family!

One time only, would you be willing to say a prayer for them with me. Pray that the committee called Building and Grounds would abandon their position, “That would be expensive,” when requested to shorten two or three more pews. Pray a blessing for Rich and John. If Presbyterians had them, they would be saints.

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