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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where Do You Pray?

Ian is building a chapel.  In his back yard.  In many ways it is a typical back yard, with kids toys, patio furniture and dog poop in the grass. But he has made space for a stone chapel too.  Ian is a busy guy, with a complex job and two young children. But piece-by-piece, he is putting together this space that he will use for prayer, reflection and writing.

I don’t see myself building a stone chapel in my backyard, and I doubt you do either. But what might you or I do to help our prayer life?  Where could we go or what could we change to deepen our life of prayer? 

Sometimes intention makes all the difference.


  1. We live in the parsonage of a Lutheran Church and the church next door has an "outdoor chapel". Really just a simple wooden altar with three statues. Jesus on the cross arms outstreteched is in the middle, Jesus holding a lamb on the left, and a person sitting in prayer/contemplation.

    It's a simple place facing the woods. It's not more than a few hundred feet from a busy road but it's situated behind the church building and somehow seems a bit more remote than it actually is.

    Simply standing at the altar and talking to God (and listening) or kneeling before the cross in prayer helps me reconnect with the divine in life and helps to remind me of what that in the midst of all my scurrying around being "Martha" that the most important thing is finding moments to be "Mary" and simply kneel (literally when kneeling before the statue) at the feet of Jesus.

  2. I pray without ceasing throughout the day. However, my meditative moments are best when I am in a wooded area or in the Quaker Meetinghouse which I attend.