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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The King's Speech--And Yours

Sure The King’s Speech won the Oscar for the Best Picture on Sunday night.  But did you know that before that it won a Lumun?  Don’t feel bad if you didn’t—no one associated with the film did either.  

A Lumun is an award I just made up, and it is given to any person or piece of art that says something about the process of following call.  The King’s Speech was a clear winner. 

If you saw the picture, you know the core of the story:  King George VI has a horrible speech impediment.  Lionel Logue is an unconventional speech therapist who helps him “find his voice”, which enables King George to overcome his stammer and deliver a radio address that inspires the people of Britain on the brink of World War II.   

It’s a literal story of something that is true for all of us.  None of us can find our voice or our call completely on our own.  Here at Lumunos we often speak of “Evocative Friends”, people who evoke (from the word e-vocis , literally to draw out our voice) our call. 

In his book Answering your Call, John Schuster speaks of evocateurs:  “A person who expresses this talent we will call an evocateur—one who evokes out of people and their circumstances the skills, gifts, and potential they did not know they had.”  He names these traits of evocateurs, many of which Lionel Logue possessed:

*Evocateurs ask good questions
*Evocateurs tell the truth
*Evocateurs see potential
*Evocateurs appeal to our longing to be more than we are
*Evocateurs both find and create teachable moments

Who have been your evocateurs?  For whom might you be an evocateur?  Who knows, next year it might be you winning the Lumun. 

Doug Wysockey-Johnson

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