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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Sargent Shriver and I Are Alike

With Sargent Shriver’s death yesterday, the accolades and eulogies have been pouring in.  When you are Sargent Shriver, there is a lot to say:  founder of the Peace Corps; architect of Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty; effective ambassador to France; champion of civil rights.   

Along with his many public successes, he was well connected.  That will happen when you marry into the Kennedy clan. 

What struck me amongst the litanies of successes however, was the response he gave when asked why he went to mass each morning:  “I need God every day.”  

My resume isn’t quite as impressive as Sargent Shrivers.  And my spiritual practices do not include catholic mass.  But when I heard those words, something deep inside me responded, “Me too.”  In that way, Sargent Shriver and I are alike.

Doug Wysockey-Johnson

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