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Monday, February 8, 2010

Example 5,343 on the Importance of Relationships

A few hours ago on ESPN, the winner of the Super Bowl MVP award reminded us again that it is about the relationships.

Drew Brees, quarterback of the New Orleans Saints was asked by Hannah Storm what the most memorable moment of the game had been for him. His response?

*Not the singing of the National Anthem, moments before playing in his first Super Bowl;
*Not hitting Pierre Thomas for the go ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter;
*Not tying the record for the most completions ever in a Super Bowl.
*Not being named the MVP of the game.

Brees said that the moment he will always remember was standing on the podium after the game holding his one year old son.

Most of us live lives that are not quite as dramatic as Super Bowl quarterbacks. We are not handed the trophy in front of thousands of fans with confetti strewn about us. But the same principle is true. Even in our mundane, ordinary, “We are not going to Disney World” lives, it is about the relationships.

Achievements and “Personal Bests” are great, but it is the sharing of our lives with one another that really matter.
by Doug Wysockey-Johnson

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