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Monday, November 2, 2009

No Masks Needed.

Two surgeons, respected faculty at a nearby medical school, came in to see Dr. Rachel Remen. Both spoke with her because they were burned out. In her office, they wondered aloud about:
***Why some surgeons got better results than others?
***Were there unknown factors that promoted survival?
***Of what importance was the will to live in outcomes?
***What did it mean to operate on patients who believed they were going to die?
Independently, they would also marvel at the strength patients showed in recovery, and how some learned to live well in spite of terrible loss.

The two men saw Dr. Remen separately. She was ethically bound not to disclose to either that the other saw her as well. These two had had been professional partners for more than 20 years, sharing an office and staff. When Dr. Remen encouraged each one to talk to the other about these things, she would get the same response: “Him? Heavens, he would just laugh”.
Who is That Masked Man?”, Kitchen Table Wisdom, p. 56

Call Question:
With whom do you wonder aloud - about your profession, or what you are passionate about?

Blog post by Doug Wysockey-Johnson

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