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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Community in the Broken Arm Club

Community doesn't cure, but it can heal. We need all the community we can find; even in the Broken Arm Club! (Click below for a 3 minute Lumunos video blog.)


  1. Doug,
    Sorry to hear about your arm : ( But I was struck by your experience in the orthodpod office. I can still remember the first time a church friend (one I wasn't even particularly fond of!)showed up with a bag of Campbell's soup and saltine crackers when our whole family was down with a stomach virus. I know exactly what you mean--that simple act made me feel not alone, and helped me to see how important community was.
    Take care--and do your PT when they tell you to!

  2. Oh, Doug, I am so sorry about your arm. But I really loved your you tube thing. And I was coincidentally philosophiphising about this very subject with Benita today. I believe we are all connected in our humaness and we become distracted and busy and closed off until sickness or pain or whatever comes along. Then it rises to the surface and we just know we are all on this journey together. As you know I could go on for a while. But I will save it for breakfast. Hopefully soon. Heal and be well. Keep in touch. Peggy Eiss