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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Calling to New Places

by Doug Wysockey-Johnson

There are many, many reasons to follow a call.  Just one is that it brings you to places that you never would have discovered otherwise. 

Dr. Conrad Fischer wrote in his book Routine Miracles  Now I know that a calling can bring you to strange place.”  He is referring to a decision he made early in his career.  It was 1991, the year between residency and being chief resident.  The Director of Critical Care invited him to work in a small hospital in New York City called St. Clares.  Half the beds were for AID’s patients.  Most of his teachers told him not to go, saying, “Once you have a place like that on your CV, your career in academic medicine is over.  No one will want you.”  He went anyway.

When I became Executive Director of Lumunos (then called Faith at Work), it required moving from Vermont to Washington DC.  DC was a “strange place” to us, way further south than we had ever lived.  And we loved Vermont, so it was not a move we were excited to make.  But the call was strong, and we both agreed it was the right decision.

While there were challenges to those years, I would not trade them for anything.  The people we met, the small church we connected with, the differences we encountered—all have enriched my life in many ways. 

I wonder if that is one of the reasons God calls us—to get us moving, to open us to new experiences, to show us places we wouldn't otherwise go. Maybe Jonah needed Nineveh as much as it needed him.   

Reflection Question:

When has a calling brought you to a “strange place” or a place you wouldn't have predicted?  

Thoughts?  Please feel free to post your comments below, and share! 

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