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Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Blessed & Joyous Easter Season

By Tracy & Terry Moore

We are in the midst of an unexpected Grand Adventure.  We will be leaving within the next few weeks to a new place – Grande Prairie Alberta Canada.  Terry has received and accepted a job offer there.  We traveled there a few weeks ago to confirm that this invitation to stretch and grow was valid and came home knowing God has put into motion all the pieces necessary for us to do this.  Although Terry has been talking about changing jobs and possibly even moving to another state, moving over 2,200 hundred miles away to a different country was not in our thought processes.  And yet, everything continues to fall into place and sometimes to fall away, like our feelings of trepidation as we journey forth into the unknown.

As we journeyed through this Holy Week, toward what we know is coming, Easter and all its glorious and wonderful messages, we feel that we too are moving toward a New Dawn, a New Day, a New Way of Being.  And given our understanding of our human condition, we expect there will still be moments when we will be reminded of this journey through Holy Week and will revisit similar events.

We know there are “Last Supper” kind of meals ahead of us.  We know there are those who cannot yet fully embrace this choice we have made and we must honor their feelings.  We know there will be moments of laughter and tears, joy and grief, love and fear.  And amidst it all, we know God has invited us on this journey and will be our constant companion, where ‘ere we go and however we feel.

Easter and Spring, how appropriate they go together.  Seeds, planted long ago and often forgotten, are called forth to bloom and grow. What was thought dead is alive in a new way. 

Came across the following definition of love and find it certainly fits how we feel:
            Love: the essence of contentment and the foundation of serenity.  Love is the activation of our spirits reaching out to make connections.
            Love overcomes grief.  Love harbors no ill will.  Love heals all separation.

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  1. Your post reminded me of a lovely song by Eden's Bridge called "A NEW LAND". If you don't know it, you may love it at this time. Find it on YouTube - the song with slides/video. Blessings on your journey. Thanks for your post!