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Friday, April 15, 2011

God is always more...

That is what Nancy Boyle, one of the heroines of Lumunos taught me. 

I was thinking about this the other day listening to Paul Simon talk about his new CD, “So Beautiful or So What.” (I am thinking of buying it for the title alone.)  The most interesting part of the interview was when he was asked if he ever feared running out of inspiration for new songs.

Simon admitted that this would make him anxious, if “it” (his inspiration) left and didn’t come back.  For a man who has been as creative as Paul Simon has for so long (More than 20 albums over 60 years!) I can only imagine how terrifying that would be. 

Then Simon paused and then said this: “If this were it [if my music career were to come to a close], there will probably be something else…”

Calls do come to an end, which can be a kind of death. Calls to certain work, calls to be in partnership with certain people, calls to various commitments draw to a close.  Sometimes the call ends slowly, other times abruptly.  Sometimes ending a call can feel like a relief, other times it can be painful.  Sometimes we know what is coming next, other times we let go into a spacious or terrifying empty space.  One way or anther, the “it” comes to a close.

And in the words of Paul Simon, “there will probably be something else…”   There will be something else because our call may change, but the fact that we are called never does. There will be something else because (in Easter language) death isn’t the last word.  There will be something else because God is always more.


  1. Interesting to read Paul's words about inspiration for creativity. My writing seems to have "dried" up a bit lately. But as I said yesterday in my journal, "I don't control the source of the spring". I'm trusting it will come back soon...

  2. And on the subject of "God is Always More" I wrote a piece on this topic a while back called "When Our Models Don't Agree" -- maybe from a different perspective. Here's a tease below...

    If we are open to it, there is room for a wonderful diversity in the body of Christ. There are certain things that believers will generally agree on but there is a whole lot more that is up for debate. Again, God is more than all the models combined!