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Friday, December 4, 2009

Waiting, still waiting...

Waiting is always a part of call. Our friend Alan Ward writes: "I think I told you guys that I had sent a query to "Leadership Journal" about one of my articles back in the fall. The Editor responded that he would read my manuscript a while back, but no further word as of yet. I'm praying this plays out the way it's supposed to.

But I'm not sure how to interpret it when after waiting a month or so (longer than it was "supposed" to take to get a response) an Editor of a publication sends brief e-mail saying "I would be happy to read your manuscript. Please send it..." and then I wait again ... Maybe it is exactly how the "business" works... Probably so... Editors are busy people...

It occurred to me today that this can be viewed as a "living lesson" about the value of time spent "waiting." It kind of preaches Advent. I imagine people waited longer than they expected, longer than they were comfortable waiting, longer than they would have preferred, for the coming of the Messiah. I suppose when the Light finally came, it was all the more powerful in the darkness.

Trying to stay positive and view this development "half-full" (because I in fact think it is!) and not "half-empty"... But I confess waiting drives me crazy sometimes. And so much of life is waiting....

Brian McLaren has a simple song that speaks powerfully in times of waiting...

Wait for the Lord
Wait for the Lord
And be strong

Wait for the Lord
Wait for the Lord
Let your heart take courage.

Just be still,
just have hope,
and wait for the Lord....

Alan Ward was a member of the Make a Living, Have a Life groups, and in the process we learned of his heart for writing about the spiritual journey. We're glad to have Alan as a guest blogger; you can read his article on Spiritual Home Improvement on our website.

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