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Monday, December 22, 2008

Forks in the Road

Here is my first prediction of the new year: You and I will be making many decisions in 2009. It is probably fair to say that this was also true in 2008, 1957, 1832, and 567 BC, but I was not around for three out of four of those years. As I look down Interstate 2009, I see lots of forks in the road coming. Recessions will do that to you.

The decisions are many. As I look at my own life and talk to friends, here are the questions I hear us asking:

*Now that money is tighter, who should I help?

*Now that I have lost my job, what should I do? Do I take the first thing that comes along, or wait for something better?

*Now that things are so uncertain, can we afford to _______?(Fill in the blank. In our house this one is about doing that remodeling we have been saving for for 3 years. You probably have your own version of this one.)

Our journey in 2009 is going to be littered with forks in the road and decisions to make. Some of them will be quite large, and others fairly small. The thing about forks in the road is that you can't see where each path will end up. It might be nice if someone invented the GPS that told you for certain where each path would take you, but far as I know it doesn't yet exist. You have to make a decision not knowing if it will be the right one. No wonder I get pretty anxious when I come across forks in the road.

That said, here is what I know about these forks:

1. It stinks trying to discern the right path alone. Companions to journey with are critical.

2. Often you just have to set off, not entirely sure if it is the right way.

3. God helps. A lot.

Just another thought on that third one. Once in awhile the help is in the form of answers that come from out of the blue. More often it is simply in the gift of less fear and more peace. (I have found fear to be particularly lousy space from which to make decisions.) Getting into that peaceful space usually involves carving out time for prayer. Sometimes I sit, sometimes I breath, sometimes I read scripture, sometimes I do yoga. What seems important is my intention--this time is for connecting with God.

'In your light we see light' says the Psalmist (36:9) I hope for you and me that this year brings God's light to our many forks in the road.

What decisions do you face in 2009? Let us know by responding to this blog....